Male Fantasy Names Beyond Imagination

Need ideas for cool male fantasy names? Check out these powerful names that will surely take you to the wondrous fantasy world just like the books you read!


It’s an ancient Greek word that means “dragon” or “serpent.” And it’s mainly known by the character in J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” fantasy novels.


This powerful name is from the fantasy book “Chronicles of Narnia” which means “lion”.


This cool male fantasy name was first introduced in the “Star Wars” franchise and has the meaning of “Warrior”.


This lovely name for a boy  has German origins and the meaning “victory of people”.


This mystical, yet unique name was formed from the name of the highest mountain in the world.


This ancient male fantasy name which originates from Old Norse was given to one of the stormtroopers.


This fantasy name for a boy symbolizes someone who is initiative, ambitious, and self-dependent.


This pirate  name for a boy was derived from the Irish word “cron,” which means “brown” or “dark.”

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