Exploring Benefits, Pros and Cons of Baby-Led Weaning

Transitioning from purees to finger foods can be exciting and challenging experience, both for you and your baby.

With baby-led weaning, mealtimes become a joyful and interactive experience, creating a strong foundation for healthy eating habits in the future.

Let’s look at the benefits, pros and cons of baby-led weaning and how to witness the joy of your baby as they start their self-feeding adventure.

But first, here is how to get started with baby-led weaning the right way:

-Timing is key -Choose appropriate foods -Encourage exploration -Safety first -Embrace the mess


-Promotes self-feeding -Explores various textures and flavors -Enhances motor skills -Encourages family mealtime


-Messiness  -Nutrition concerns -Food waste

Navigating the progression of baby-led weaning is also an exciting adventure as you introduce a range of foods, textures, and nutrients to your little one.

Read the full article for the steps to help you start baby-led weaning the right way and some meal ideas.

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