Santa Charcuterie Board

Easy & Cute Christmas Snack Board

Why You'll Love This Santa Charcuterie Board Recipe


-a feast for the eyes -simple ingredients -easy to follow instructions -customizable -easy, fun, and totally picture-perfect!


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 On a clean round wooden board, form Santa’s face with mozzarella, cherry tomato, and slices of black olives.


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Line up strawberries on top of Santa’s head to form his hat.  Then, place a small bowl with honey for dipping next to Santa’s face.


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Get creative with your Santa charcuterie board and arrange the rest of the ingredients in the way you see fit.


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Create a ham rose, add nuts and dried fruits, and place at the sides and bottom of the Santa charcuterie board.


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Your Santa charcuterie board is ready to be served and enjoyed by your guests!