Weather Names That Have Unique & Strong Meanings

Looking for weather names for your baby? Here are some weather baby names, their origins, and meanings.


Meaning ‘first ray of the sun,’ Aarush is a good name, especially for your firstborn son.


This rare weather name for boys works well with almost all surnames. It comes from Hebrew and means ‘raindrop.’


It’s the most popular English weather name for girls, and people love it.


This one-syllable weather name is short, simple, and unique for your little one. It gives out Christmas energy and also symbolizes purity.


Cloud is one of the most commonly chosen ones. The other spelling is Cloude, but the pronunciation doesn’t change.


Meaning ‘freezing’  this weather baby name gives an icy cold feeling similar to winter cold and makes a perfect weather name for winter babies.


Originally, it has nothing to do with nature and weather, but nature-loving English speakers choose it mostly for the root word, sky.


This makes a good season name for both sexes, despite being more common for boys.

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